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Hey everyone! My name is Cadohs or Cody (whatever you prefer)! I have been streaming off and on for almost 2 years, I play on PC and mostly play Apex along with other games that sound fun at the time! I try to bring some entertaining gameplay with a focus on having a good time! 


The site's still being built out, but I'm glad you're here! Your patience is very much appreciated!

About Me

Who are you?
I wish I knew...

What games do you play?

  • Apex Legends (primarily)
  • Lost Ark (lately)
  • Survival Games
  • iRacing/F1

What is that weird noise in the background that sounds like something struggling to talk?
That would be my hyper-verbal husky, Aurora. Sorry...

Favorite Apex Legends/Guns?
Horizon will always have a special place in my heart but lately Valk and Wraith have been my go-to. Gun wise, R301 hands down and can't go wrong with a PK.

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